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harriet.jpgCan you believe that it’s that time already? I just love Father Christmas so much, and I just love Christmas too. I get to see all my family - Grandma and Poppy, my Aunties and Uncles and all my cousins. And this year it’s too exciting – I’m getting a brand new cousin. She arrives on December the 12th. So she should be good to play with by Christmas day – I hope her eyes will be open by then.

I’ve been thinking of pressies for everyone. And I came up with the bestest idea for Mum. When she has to go to the shop, she says she misses me and Hugo so much. So, I found this really nice box, that’s small enough to fit in her handbag that she takes to the shop, but big enough to fill with lots and lots of hugs from me and Hugo (mainly me though, Hugo’s not much of a hugger ‘cause he’s a boy). So all she has to do when she is missing us is open up that box and she’ll get a hug from us. I hope she likes it, I’m going to put a really nice ribbon around it so it looks extra special in her handbag.

And I was thinking that Hugo needs a new butt ‘cause his old one has a hole in it. But I googled new dog butts, and couldn’t find any online, so asked Mum and she said that all butts have holes in them, new or old – so now I have to think of something else for him.

And you know how I was at Holiday Camp last month, well Camp Mother put me in charge of the new dogs that hadn’t been to camp before. She said I’m so good at following the rules and stuff that I had to show the others what to do. She gave me extra treats for helping her out, and I talked her into giving some to Hugo as well ‘cause he was a bit homesick. He’s such a sissy sometimes. You should have seen how much activity Heyrex tracked us doing when we were at camp. It was like peaking right off the scale everyday. Heyrex is good like that – showing us when we’ve been extra busy.

And we got to go and see Peta our family vet the other week. Here’s a photo of Hugo backing his butt into the corner of the surgery – that’s so Peta can’t get to it, tee hee hee.

He’s so funny sometimes.

Anyway, I’d better go now – I’ve gotta help Mum search the internet for more pressie ideas for everyone. Searching the internet is my favourite thing.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Lot’s of licky lick kisses


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